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brand ambassadors

Outdoor Ambitions’ ambassadors are a real life representation and embodiment of everything we believe in. They love the outdoors, love sharing their adventures with others, and having a good time with their friends. They are the day hikers, the Everest climbers and the everything inbetweeners. They are the spontaneous travelers, wild and free spirits, and their motto is “I go where the wind takes me”.

So, you think you can handle all that?

Along with being all around great people, it is the job of Outdoor Ambitions’ ambassadors to help us spread and grow not just locally, but globally. Don‘t worry, there are perks to the job. Ambassadors will hold potential to be featured on Outdoor Ambition’s social media platforms, receive exclusive first choice on new products, and receive discounts which can be used to purchase more gear.

Of course, we can't take all of you...

Applying is easy. Simply check the list below and see if you meet the requirements and duties of being an ambassador, apply using the form below, and sit back and wait for us to contact you. It’s that simple.

So, are you ready to be part of Outdoor Ambitions? We can’t wait to have you.

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