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Meet the Family

Co-Founder & CEO
With the sense of adventure from a young age and a wanting to explore the world, it makes sense I why I would want to Co-create an outdoor lifestyle apparel company. Just like the other Nick, I grew up in northern Michigan. A lot of my time growing up was spent outside doing all sorts of things like hunting , fishing , camping or going on mini adventures with buddy’s. The thought process behind this outdoor company is to incorporate all of the great things we did growing up and continue todo on daily basis. We are simply trying to create a set of products that people can enjoy when they are out exploring this great world and to shine light on some of the environmental issues at the same time. It’s crazy to think that this all this happened because I switched into a journalism class last year and met nick. Together him and I are Outdoor Ambitions. “See you outside” .                                                                                                                                                   
Co-Founder & Creative Director 
“Growing up in Northern Michigan, It makes  sense why I love Outdoor Ambitions. I grew up hunting, fishing and hiking often, and I continue to do these things whenever I’m not working or being a full time student. I like to push myself creatively so that I can bring forth the best possible products for people, and having a fashion design degree behind me helps a lot as well. It’s weird to think that just a year ago I met the other Nick, and here we are today with a full fledged company under our belts, it’s really taught me a lot and I’m learning something new with it every single day.”
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